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give it your all!- your maximum effort

Are you ready to find out what you are made of, and how far you can take your physique?

Enter Maximum Effort - By walter Garcia.

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Push through the pain.
Giving up hurts more
— Vegeta - Dragon Ball Z
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Walter Garcia

"fitness coach and NKF/IFBB Athlete"


My name is Walter Garcia, a 30 year old personal trainer with a passion for fitness, health, and helping others achieve their fitness goals.

In the last 12 years, I have devoted my life to training, exercise and health, which have given me considerable knowledge about the does and dont´s when it comes to obtaining the best possible results. For 5 years, I have had the enjoyment of helping clients with exercise and nutritional guidance. I am a certified online coach, which offers you as a client a unique opportunity to include me in your workout, no matter where you are.

My main areas of specialisation includes diet, body building and power lifting, however, I also have considerable knowledge concerning other forms of training- including preventive exercise, flexibility of musculature and joints, and bodyweight training. Whatever your goal is, whether its weight gain or weight loss- I am the coach that can help you achieve your fitness goals!


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I wish to help people achieve the body and physical conditioning they always wanted but didn’t know how to obtain. The progress of the client is whats in focus!
— Walter Garcia

Testimonials - Clients

Throughout the years ive been helping dozens of people achieve their fitness goals and tune in to their maximum effort. Here are some of my previous and current clients testimonials

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